It is no secret that some cosmetic problems can only be solved through surgery of Losenoidoomock. And the specialists of the Salon ‘Mystery of Cleopatra’ has not always been able to transfer the client in “strangers” hands with a calm heart. In an effort to provide our clients with a full range of cosmetic services had the idea of creating Clinics for plastic surgery and cosmetology in the city of Ivanovo .

15 years of Salon created a base on which a Clinic was opened, equipped with the latest technology, which uses the most modern techniques and developments of the leading specialists of the country. We cooperate with the best surgeons in the city and have created a team of highly professional doctors who are ready to undertake the most complicated problem. Only in our Clinic there is a unique opportunity to receive qualified medical help from leading plastic surgeons in the country.

Coming to our Clinic plastic surgery . you find yourself in good hands. With us You are guaranteed high quality medical services, individual approach to every problem, because we are responsible for our every customer!

Plastic surgery of the face

Face – the card of the person. To maintain its beauty is paramount. We care for skin from an early age, but even the most meticulous care will not enable us to avoid aging. Increasingly after 35 years we’re picking our reflection in the mirror, stop to love, and therefore love themselves. All of this leads to reduced quality of life.

Being happy is our purpose, we are happy when we are in harmony with themselves and the world. Our beauty is also a part of this harmony. Deciding on plastic surgery. You are giving yourself the beauty and happiness.

Plastic surgery of the body

Plastic surgery body – wide range of plastic surgery, ensuring the creation of harmonious proportions and elegant contours of your body.
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