Many pregnant women are concerned about is not whether there will be after birth on the body stretch marks? After all, during pregnancy occurs as rapid weight gain and hormonal changes in the body. According to statistics 50% of women stretch marks occur at this time, not after the baby is born. Their most “favorite” places — the abdomen, thighs and Breasts, but serious endocrine problems stretch marks can appear even on the face.

This is not because the skin is stretched, and because of the violation of its structure, caused by hormonal fluctuations. As a result, the body there are veins of pale pink or pale lilac color. So they look “fresh” stretch marks. This is because the connective tissue in the inner tears of the skin more delicate, permeated by blood vessels that give it red or bluish color. If you do not fight with stretch marks, over time they will turn white and look like scars. In scar tissue has no pigment, so stretch marks remain white under the tan.

What is the essence of the operation. Separate operations to remove stretch marks is not carried out, they removed the process of abdominoplasty or mastopexy (of which we have already mentioned above).

The Council. If the stretch marks are small and were recently (within not more than six months after the birth), they can be smoothed and reduced with chemical peeling or laser resurfacing. However, stretch marks that appeared for a long time, to remove completely without surgery is almost impossible.

Intimate plasty (vaginoplasty or corporate)

All kinds of manipulations in intimate plastic after birth can be divided into two groups. The first involves surgery to improve the appearance of the genitals. Quite often during childbirth, an incision of the perineum, and then leaves a scar. Sometimes it can get really rough, uneven with “holes”. This defect level by using preparations based on hyaluronic acid. See more:  tickets for matilda on broadway

The second group — operations that aim to recover any lost function. For example, after childbirth can be stretched the perineum or vagina, which leads to health problems, and poorer quality of intimate life. This is especially true after the birth of a large baby or re-birth. In this case vaginal.