The inexorable passage of time dictates its own laws, opening new horizons and opportunities, forcing us to constantly strive for something greater: to set goals, to go, to achieve. Professional growth, constant development and new achievements – this is the path that has more than 15 years should be a recognized leader in the world of aesthetic medicine – a group of clinics “KLAZKO”.

Today plastic surgery is one of the most dynamically developing fields of medicine that reveals a major opportunity in addressing the problems associated with minor appearance defects.

Every year increases not only the effectiveness of methods of correction, but also their safety, there are more sparing methods of surgical intervention and rehabilitation.

Group clinics «Klazko”, is one of the undisputed leaders of the Russian market in the provision of medical services to correct the appearance. A key part of our work, in addition to performing operations of different level of complexity, is research. The specialists of our center of plastic surgery and cosmetology keep track of all the innovations in facial plastic surgery and body treatments, aesthetic cosmetology and eteria medicine, learning the most effective techniques.

We do not pursue fashion, selecting only those technologies that have proven efficacy and safety. Our clinic offers its patients all the advanced, which are recognized abroad methods of appearance correction. What many tend to find in the Arsenal of well-known foreign clinics, we have – in «Klazko”.

Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving, and our experts and it’s qualified doctors with extensive practice, also make a valuable contribution to this development by offering their own development, participating in large research projects.

In 2012, the clinic ’s Klazko” 15 years old!

Plastic surgery clinic, located on Serafimovicha in Moscow, you’ll be brilliant surgeons – experts in their fields of activity, the doctors, the names of which have world renown.

Contacting our center, You will be able to get detailed expert advice on your questions of appearance correction. During the consultation, You will be notified about the possible methods, their pros, cons, features, rehabilitation. This is a very important stage, which will allow You to make the final decision.

Clinic cosmetology and anti-aging medicine “Klazko” – fully respects the confidentiality of information about patients. Among addressed in the “Klazko” many famous people of politics and business, stars of film and television, but any information about each patient is private and does not go beyond interactions with doctors clinic.

We focus on individual holistic approach, which includes, in addition to plastics, cosmetic procedures, functional diagnostics, therapy. Only in the complex, adjusting external faults and at the same time ozdorovit the body, you can get the phantom of the opera tickets san francisco most stable and indeed an excellent result.

Modern plastic surgery involves and the corresponding prices. Our clinics are equipped according to the highest standards, have all necessary conditions for effective rehabilitation, we provide a high level of comfort for each patient.