A beautiful body is not just a desire to get closer to the benchmark, is the key to success with the opposite sex and in everyday life when dealing in society. The beauty of the body today is an absolute must.

Our Clinic offers you all kinds of the plastic of the body: mammoplasty prior to the tightening of the thighs and buttocks. Our specialists are always happy to give beauty and symmetry to their customers!


The poet of all poets A. S. Pushkin said: “youth is the great magician!” No one wants to age to lose the enchantment of his youth: to be attractive, to catch yourself admiring glances. Cosmetology is designed to help people in their struggle with time.

Aesthetic medicine is not in place, there are new techniques and technologies that allow people to preserve their natural beauty and correct deficiencies. Today in the Arsenal of a doctor-cosmetologist of the latest achievements of medical science: laser rejuvenation, synthetic and natural drugs (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, blood plasma, etc.). Almost all modern cosmetics are safe and have no side effects, so now every person can freely solve their problems with appearance!

Surgical gynecology

Today the media often talks about the problems in the sexual sphere in men and forget about women. Meanwhile, the fairer sex almost more cause for concern. Orgasmic, sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse – is an incomplete list of possible problems. Fortunately, they are all solvable thanks to the capabilities of modern surgical gynecology.

Our Clinic offers high-quality perform the most popular operations in the field of surgical gynecology: plastic large and small labia, the restoration of virginity, vaginal. With us you will gain self-confidence, will return more sensation to get pleasure from sexual life!

Surgical urology

Men are traditionally stronger sex. But the stronger sex have their weaknesses. Quite often diseases of the genitourinary system give men a lot of problems not only physical but also psychological in nature.

Many of urologic diseases threaten male infertility and decreased sexual quality of life. Not to bring up extremes, timely diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases . In urology most of the diseases requires treatment surgery.

In our Clinic, surgical urology represented at a high level. To date, we can offer you the surgery in three ways: surgical treatment of hydrocele and varicocele. and circular circumcision. See more:  wicked tickets portland