• MEDICI clinic: plastic surgery and cosmetology

    Clinic MEDICI – change kolapadaar yourself without changing yourself!

    We are pleased to welcome You to the website of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Losenoidoomock . A full range of services in our clinic – plastic surgery, cosmetology, laser cosmetology, aesthetic, urology, phlebology and others, will extend Your youth and beauty, to bring a well-groomed appearance.

    The work of the clinic “MEDICI” is based on such core values as: unique personnel, advanced equipment, advanced techniques and technologies for plastic surgery, as well as individual approach to the patient.

    During their stay in the clinic You will be surrounded by doctors with strong international experience and many years of practice in the best clinics of the city: plastic surgeons, professionals in the field of cosmetic dermatology and laser cosmetology, anesthesiologists and other medical staff. The head of the team – Denis Agapov Genrikhovich, candidate of medical science, plastic surgeon, associate Professor in the Department of plastic surgery of state medical University, member of the international society of aesthetic plastic surgeons (ISAPS). Over 9000 plastic  surgeries and 15 years of work experience.

    We paid special attention to high-tech equipment of all departments of the hospital: operating room, wards rehabilitation, cosmetic surgeries and other premises. All the equipment meets international standards in Russia and abroad. We try to introduce the most modern and advanced technologies to provide the most efficient result in the shortest possible time.

    Our clinic of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine is located in Saint Petersburg on Krestovsky island, street Kemsky, d. 1. Here You can learn all about the latest achievements of modern plastic surgery and cosmetology, to see descriptions of procedures, results of operations and get tickets cinderella broadway answers to your questions.

    If You need more information – prices for basic services. reception hours of doctors and the list of services, in our group. to use the electronic form. and also get online consultation .

  • Plastic surgery clinic – Jeunesse

    A beautiful body is not just a desire to get closer to the benchmark, is the key to success with the opposite sex and in everyday life when dealing in society. The beauty of the body today is an absolute must.

    Our Clinic offers you all kinds of the plastic of the body: mammoplasty prior to the tightening of the thighs and buttocks. Our specialists are always happy to give beauty and symmetry to their customers!


    The poet of all poets A. S. Pushkin said: “youth is the great magician!” No one wants to age to lose the enchantment of his youth: to be attractive, to catch yourself admiring glances. Cosmetology is designed to help people in their struggle with time.

    Aesthetic medicine is not in place, there are new techniques and technologies that allow people to preserve their natural beauty and correct deficiencies. Today in the Arsenal of a doctor-cosmetologist of the latest achievements of medical science: laser rejuvenation, synthetic and natural drugs (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, blood plasma, etc.). Almost all modern cosmetics are safe and have no side effects, so now every person can freely solve their problems with appearance!

    Surgical gynecology

    Today the media often talks about the problems in the sexual sphere in men and forget about women. Meanwhile, the fairer sex almost more cause for concern. Orgasmic, sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse – is an incomplete list of possible problems. Fortunately, they are all solvable thanks to the capabilities of modern surgical gynecology.

    Our Clinic offers high-quality perform the most popular operations in the field of surgical gynecology: plastic large and small labia, the restoration of virginity, vaginal. With us you will gain self-confidence, will return more sensation to get pleasure from sexual life!

    Surgical urology

    Men are traditionally stronger sex. But the stronger sex have their weaknesses. Quite often diseases of the genitourinary system give men a lot of problems not only physical but also psychological in nature.

    Many of urologic diseases threaten male infertility and decreased sexual quality of life. Not to bring up extremes, timely diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases . In urology most of the diseases requires treatment surgery.

    In our Clinic, surgical urology represented at a high level. To date, we can offer you the surgery in three ways: surgical treatment of hydrocele and varicocele. and circular circumcision. See more:  wicked tickets portland

  • Plastic surgery clinic – KLAZKO - Eteri Krikheli the head of a group of clinics KLAZKO

    The inexorable passage of time dictates its own laws, opening new horizons and opportunities, forcing us to constantly strive for something greater: to set goals, to go, to achieve. Professional growth, constant development and new achievements – this is the path that has more than 15 years should be a recognized leader in the world of aesthetic medicine – a group of clinics “KLAZKO”.

    Today plastic surgery is one of the most dynamically developing fields of medicine that reveals a major opportunity in addressing the problems associated with minor appearance defects.

    Every year increases not only the effectiveness of methods of correction, but also their safety, there are more sparing methods of surgical intervention and rehabilitation.

    Group clinics «Klazko”, is one of the undisputed leaders of the Russian market in the provision of medical services to correct the appearance. A key part of our work, in addition to performing operations of different level of complexity, is research. The specialists of our center of plastic surgery and cosmetology keep track of all the innovations in facial plastic surgery and body treatments, aesthetic cosmetology and eteria medicine, learning the most effective techniques.

    We do not pursue fashion, selecting only those technologies that have proven efficacy and safety. Our clinic offers its patients all the advanced, which are recognized abroad methods of appearance correction. What many tend to find in the Arsenal of well-known foreign clinics, we have – in «Klazko”.

    Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving, and our experts and it’s qualified doctors with extensive practice, also make a valuable contribution to this development by offering their own development, participating in large research projects.

    In 2012, the clinic ’s Klazko” 15 years old!

    Plastic surgery clinic, located on Serafimovicha in Moscow, you’ll be brilliant surgeons – experts in their fields of activity, the doctors, the names of which have world renown.

    Contacting our center, You will be able to get detailed expert advice on your questions of appearance correction. During the consultation, You will be notified about the possible methods, their pros, cons, features, rehabilitation. This is a very important stage, which will allow You to make the final decision.

    Clinic cosmetology and anti-aging medicine “Klazko” – fully respects the confidentiality of information about patients. Among addressed in the “Klazko” many famous people of politics and business, stars of film and television, but any information about each patient is private and does not go beyond interactions with doctors clinic.

    We focus on individual holistic approach, which includes, in addition to plastics, cosmetic procedures, functional diagnostics, therapy. Only in the complex, adjusting external faults and at the same time ozdorovit the body, you can get the phantom of the opera tickets san francisco most stable and indeed an excellent result.

    Modern plastic surgery involves and the corresponding prices. Our clinics are equipped according to the highest standards, have all necessary conditions for effective rehabilitation, we provide a high level of comfort for each patient.


  • Plastic surgery in BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA

    Competitors force us to go forward, because cosmetology is a rapidly developing area of medicine. Modern cosmetology stimulates us to evolve again and again, proving that we are number one among cosmetologists. Many are copying us. But until they do, we have time to create something new.

    If you like, looks like the one who recommends to you a particular cosmetic procedure – go for it. So you will be able to choose their specialists and avoid becoming a victim of advertising!

    Plastic surgery in BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA

    Company BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA offers its clients a modern and revolutionary means of cosmetics aimed at the creation of ideal forms and the preservation of your natural beauty. In the center of BEAUTY PLAZA uses innovative technologies and methods that have no analogs in the world. Unique ways painless plastic surgery developed by our specialists allow to carry out operations for correction, breast augmentation, modification and correction of shape of face, nose, ears non-surgical methods. Experienced and qualified doctors BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH &SPA Alexander Teplyashin and Nata Topchiashvili carry out most complicated operations in plastic surgery of the highest class. The quality and the effectiveness of the methods of plastic surgery BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA say many foreign and domestic awards, positive reviews of satisfied clients, including domestic stars of show business, film, television and stage. Modern plastic surgery from companies BEAUTY PLAZA HEALTH & SPA is a safe, effective, painless.

    Harmonization of the appearance associated with the leveling of the aesthetic shortcomings, which in General is a plastic surgery we believe should be called aesthetic surgery. The absence of medical indications makes plastic surgery much more easily tolerable in comparison with surgical. The patient himself has resorted to using plastic surgery, as it believes that this will help him to be more adapted in your personal life.

    From the times of the Pharaohs to know that they resorted to those, or other plastic surgery to correct physical appearance. History suggests that in the early plastic surgery was used to eliminate the effects of military and domestic injuries in order to correct injuries. Only in the last century, patients began to view plastic surgery as a guiding star to create a more attractive appearance and enhance the quality of life.

    Plastic surgery has become a separate branch of commercial medicine, which operates the medical industry and scientific research institutes. Modern plastic surgeons and best of them is as fashionable couturiers have their own style and present the appearance to each his own – I think it is right. Most doctors who do plastic surgery refers to this process as to the craft. I am sure that plastic surgery is creativity.

    Neprosviashennuy many patients believe that if plastic surgery is equally called, all of them equally do! This is a profound mistake. Plastic surgery is like painting a picture a thing especially individual. Each individual surgeon and if he has taste, sense of proportion and knows how preds tav jati future result before plastic surgery, he’s neat and loves his patients and tries to please them even with the help of surgery, which may indicate a high level of surgeon and result.

    Thirty years of experience successful plastic practice demonstrates that the breast augmentation is one of the most popular operations, which brings the total aesthetic satisfaction palm cam. See more:  wayback when machine

  • Remove stretch marks (striae) | calfpain - part 1

    Many pregnant women are concerned about is not whether there will be after birth on the body stretch marks? After all, during pregnancy occurs as rapid weight gain and hormonal changes in the body. According to statistics 50% of women stretch marks occur at this time, not after the baby is born. Their most “favorite” places — the abdomen, thighs and Breasts, but serious endocrine problems stretch marks can appear even on the face.

    This is not because the skin is stretched, and because of the violation of its structure, caused by hormonal fluctuations. As a result, the body there are veins of pale pink or pale lilac color. So they look “fresh” stretch marks. This is because the connective tissue in the inner tears of the skin more delicate, permeated by blood vessels that give it red or bluish color. If you do not fight with stretch marks, over time they will turn white and look like scars. In scar tissue has no pigment, so stretch marks remain white under the tan.

    What is the essence of the operation. Separate operations to remove stretch marks is not carried out, they removed the process of abdominoplasty or mastopexy (of which we have already mentioned above).

    The Council. If the stretch marks are small and were recently (within not more than six months after the birth), they can be smoothed and reduced with chemical peeling or laser resurfacing. However, stretch marks that appeared for a long time, to remove completely without surgery is almost impossible.

    Intimate plasty (vaginoplasty or corporate)

    All kinds of manipulations in intimate plastic after birth can be divided into two groups. The first involves surgery to improve the appearance of the genitals. Quite often during childbirth, an incision of the perineum, and then leaves a scar. Sometimes it can get really rough, uneven with “holes”. This defect level by using preparations based on hyaluronic acid. See more:  tickets for matilda on broadway

    The second group — operations that aim to recover any lost function. For example, after childbirth can be stretched the perineum or vagina, which leads to health problems, and poorer quality of intimate life. This is especially true after the birth of a large baby or re-birth. In this case vaginal.

  • We make our clients happy, we give them beauty!

    It is no secret that some cosmetic problems can only be solved through surgery of Losenoidoomock. And the specialists of the Salon ‘Mystery of Cleopatra’ has not always been able to transfer the client in “strangers” hands with a calm heart. In an effort to provide our clients with a full range of cosmetic services had the idea of creating Clinics for plastic surgery and cosmetology in the city of Ivanovo .

    15 years of Salon created a base on which a Clinic was opened, equipped with the latest technology, which uses the most modern techniques and developments of the leading specialists of the country. We cooperate with the best surgeons in the city and have created a team of highly professional doctors who are ready to undertake the most complicated problem. Only in our Clinic there is a unique opportunity to receive qualified medical help from leading plastic surgeons in the country.

    Coming to our Clinic plastic surgery . you find yourself in good hands. With us You are guaranteed high quality medical services, individual approach to every problem, because we are responsible for our every customer!

    Plastic surgery of the face

    Face – the card of the person. To maintain its beauty is paramount. We care for skin from an early age, but even the most meticulous care will not enable us to avoid aging. Increasingly after 35 years we’re picking our reflection in the mirror, stop to love, and therefore love themselves. All of this leads to reduced quality of life.

    Being happy is our purpose, we are happy when we are in harmony with themselves and the world. Our beauty is also a part of this harmony. Deciding on plastic surgery. You are giving yourself the beauty and happiness.

    Plastic surgery of the body

    Plastic surgery body – wide range of plastic surgery, ensuring the creation of harmonious proportions and elegant contours of your body.
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